Andrew was brought to Liverpool by an education that concluded with a degree in Computer Science at the University of Liverpool, although his coding career nearly didn’t get that far. When he was making choices that would eventually lead to a computer science degree a young Andy was told by his teacher not to study maths; “I was told to ditch it because it’s a pointless subject unless you do something useful with it, which I think I have!”

Once his degree was in the bag it was time for him to venture into the big bad world of work and luckily Andrew found us. He says that he learned more about how the industry works from a week at Draw & Code than he did in a year of his degree; “University is about giving the right answers, work is about finding the best answers.”

Now he is one of our top coders and is always looking to do more. Web systems are a major part of his day, but he is starting to move into video game development. The sky is the limit for Andrew in more ways than one; he is also a keen hiker who loves nothing more than ascending hills and mountains.

[email protected]
0151 329 0900


Software development
Mobile app development
Web interfaces
Web application development


By day: Code monkey
By night: Stargazing
Favourite place: Liverpool
Spirit animal: Penguin
Mario or Sonic? Sonic
Mega fact: I like rainy days and climbing mountains