Becky Jones

Becky is a passionate exponent of immersive and interactive technologies. Not only that, she is also an expert in mobile and child-friendly games having worked as producer on Angry Birds and Moshi Monsters.

[email protected]
0151 329 0900


Mixed Reality
Interactive Software Development
Games Production
Emerging Technology


By day: Planning, problem solving and producing. Dreaming up new uses for emerging technology and how to make things fun. Jira ninja-ing, agile project management, corralling teams in the right direction, writing code (when I get the chance) & quaffing flat whites.
By night: Co-organising the Immersive Liverpool meetup group, developing, photography, gardening, painting, hanging around art galleries, gaming, yoga, and watching lots of Sci-Fi.
Favourite place: Venice
Spirit animal: Red squirrel
Mario or Sonic? Early Sonic, Late Mario
Mega fact: My first time in a plane I flew it, plus I did a couple of aerobatic loops too!