Emily came to us fresh from Teeside University where she completed a degree in Computer Animation, although her path was laid out many years before that. When she was barely into her teens she chanced upon the work of Marta Dahlig and it opened up her eyes to the world of Photoshop art. Fast forward more than a decade and Emily has turned this interest into her work. At Draw & Code she is our number one 3D artist, although she has been known to turn a hand to 2D at times.

Emily’s 3D skills have allowed her to work on all kinds of projects; “Since joining Draw & Code I’ve done a lot” she says, “I’ve had the chance to work on virtual and augmented reality, video games, even 3D printing.”

“When I was playing video games with my brother I realised just how much I like video game art – now I’m creating it!”


3D animation
Motion capture
Immersive tech
Character and environment design


By day: Crafter of the 3D realm
By night: Watcher of cute animal videos, tumblr and pinterest fanatic
Favourite place: Hong Kong
Spirit animal: Red Panda
Mario or Sonic? Mario
Mega fact: Emily can speak four languages