Tom Halligan

Our top code tickler is Tom Halligan. You can find him in the Draw & Code studio sweating it out over a hot PC as he develops complex web systems, apps and video games.

A career in the digital industry is rarely a family business, but for Tom Halligan it was his Dad who kick-started his interest in ones and zeros; “He was working with computers and made a game just for us to play.” This turned out to be one of the key moments that led Tom to becoming an author of software too.

After studying software development at university, Tom took up work as a software engineer which gave him an appreciation of how hardware and software interact. After that he became a technical consultant who visited SMEs to help them embrace the digital revolution. “I saw all kinds of organisations during this time and learned a lot about how to do business and how not to do business.”

Today Tom is Draw & Code’s top software developer with a string of complex online systems and the odd video game under his belt. What really motivates Tom is being amongst a vibrant and creative bunch; “I like being around people with ideas, I don’t want to stagnate and always look forward to the next project.”

Tom may be a master of all things digital, but his other passion is resolutely analogue: folk music. You can find Tom in pubs and clubs across the country with his band the Penniless Tenants who deliver their raucous sound that is enough to make even the soberest of judges break out in dance.

[email protected]
0151 329 0900


Software development
Unity 3D integration
Virtual reality
Augmented reality


By day: Senior codist at the Binary Refinery
By night: Singing in pubs
Favourite place: A boat on the Shannon
Spirit animal: Gorilla
Mario or Sonic? Sonic
Mega Fact: I have been in the congregation on Songs of Praise