"3D animators unite! Stephen Chan & Friends take Hong Kong"


The Draw & Code posse are extremely proud to be playing a part in a new exhibition in Hong Kong from the astounding artist and illustrator Stephen Chan. ‘Two Colour/Three Dimensions’ is the title of this collaborative project that will see Stephen Chan and friends experimenting with 3D. Mind you, this is more than just showing some pretty pictures in 3D to make people go ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaaah’; the anaglyph 3D is not simply used as a tool, it is the theme that guides the exhibition.

Draw & Code’s very own Andy Cooper has contributed animations in 3D, joining a roster of some truly brilliant artists and animators that Stephen has assembled to bring his visions to life. Although Mr Chan and Mr Cooper go way back, it was still an honour to join such a high standard of artists on a project as interesting as this. We are all fans of Stephen’s work (we’ve even ordered prints from him) so it is work that we certainly enjoy, even if the stereoscopic red and blue animation has made Andy’s brain explode! If you have your 3D glasses to hand, then enjoy this video. If you don’t, then still take a look; there is something compelling about watching the animation unfold in a distorted two-colour world…

If you happen to be in Hong Kong during May or June you can find ‘Two Colour/Three Dimensions’ at the Odd One Out Art Boutique. For his home fans here in his native Liverpool, you can see why we love Stephen Chan so much by taking a look at his website that you can find right here… www.stephen-chan.co.uk/