Very much the ‘draw’ in Draw & Code, Andy Cooper was born and bred in California before relocating to UK shores and starting his journey towards becoming an animator in Liverpool.

“I was obsessed with comics” Andy explains, “Then Roger Rabbit planted the first seeds in my head about becoming an animator.”

After graduating with a degree in animation, Andy has gone on to amass an enviable portfolio of work having established himself as the pre-eminent practitioner of projection mapping and multimedia theatre in Liverpool. However, before he got to that stage he had honed his animation abilities as one of the founders of Sparkle – a Liverpool animation company and experts in 3D visualisation work. During this period Andy worked on the Liverpool Culture Company’s opening ceremony for the 2008 Capital of Culture year, he had his first commissions from the BBC and took great strides into interactive theatre with the global production of Minutes of a Separation which involved flying to Australia to work with Cate Blanchett and Joseph Fiennes.

Since those early days he has embraced new challenges including that of interactive theatre; “I had found myself creating projection mapped theatre sets but I was inspired to take it up a level after experiencing Punch Drunk Theatre and realising just how powerful theatre can be when it’s truly interactive.”

Appropriately enough interactive theatre has now become one of Andy Cooper’s specialist areas. He has led the creation of sophisticated interactive and projection mapped theatre sets with his animation being seen in shows from Edinburgh to Australia and just about every point in-between.

What’s next for Andy? “I’ve developed a mild obsession with pop-up books” he says without a trace of irony. He is also working to add extra levels of interactivity to his animations and is creating his own projection mapped theatre production and other exciting IP.
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Creative direction
Projection mapping


By day: Peanut butter
By night: Jelly
Favourite place: Bidston Hill
Spirit animal: Space whale
Mario or Sonic? Mario
Mega fact: I met Whoopi Goldberg in the queue for Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. She was nice.