John Keefe

John is our resident immersive technology expert and a highly experienced software developer. Today he spends his time on the very latest that the tech world has to offer, but his journey towards being one of the founders of Draw & Code took a few different twists and turns along the way.

“My first steps towards programming began with Basic on my humble Spectrum” John’s introduction to the digital world, like many of his generation, came from the rubber-keyed wonder machine; “I was 10 when I first got my hands on one, but I got so excited that I dropped it down the stairs!”

Thankfully the Spectrum and John’s enthusiasm for computing both remained intact. Despite coding a little bit of on-screen action, it was the hardware that really interested him during these early days as he tinkered with self-built machines once he had graduated from his trusty Amiga and entered the world of PCs. Then the internet came along and things began to change. John first got online in an internet cafe in Liverpool; “The first thing I searched for was ‘cheese'”.

Fast-forward to university and John had mastered Flash-based platforms such as Director, including making what must have been one of the earliest online casinos; “Should have kept on at that one, shouldn’t I?”

At this point John was mainly making video games and other interactive software, but soon he was swept along by the web. After working on that rarest of beasts, a UK-based search engine, it was software systems and websites for the health, fitness and leisure industries that took John’s focus. This included making booking systems for hotel chains including global giants such as Marriott Hotels before moving onto developing the world’s first comprehensive online fitness points system.

Today John is moving away from this heavy back-end system work and back towards bright, shiny, interactive software; “Luckily my specialisms are coming back into vogue with interactivity and visual ways to present information being key in immersive technology.”
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Virtual reality
Augmented reality
Interactive software development
Business development


By day: Software developer
By night: Sleeping
Favourite place: Tokyo
Spirit animal: Dodo
Mario or Sonic? Sonic
Mega fact: I’ve always wanted a Barcode Battler