Mike Snowdon is a cuddly, pencil-wielding ninja who comprises one of our four elite artists. Illustration, animation and brand design are amongst his specialities.

“I’m a storyteller” is how Mike describes his art and design. To be fair, he can turn his hand to just about any visual art from the high-tech world of 3D printing to intricate comic-inspired paintings and he is even a dab hand at film-making. Like most of our team, Mike attended university here in Liverpool; “My graphics course at LJMU was the first time I digitised my work, opening my eyes to new techniques and possibilities.”

Freelancing was the next step for Mike before he joined Liverpool VFX and animation studio Sparkle, where Draw & Code’s Andy Cooper was a director at the time. It was here that Mike expanded upon his first love of illustration and his newly-honed design skills to start working in animation for the first time; “I seem to keep expanding my repertoire once every couple of years – which is great.”

During Mike’s second stint freelancing he did some of his finest work including a prolific campaign for CALM, working on branding with FACT and collaborating with Black & Ginger on marketing for Liverpool’s spectacular Sea Odyssey extravaganza. He also designed LP covers for the likes of The Coral and continued to sell his own prints.

And what does an artist do when he is not working? Do more arty stuff of course! Mike is one of the creators of Draw the Line, the long established Liverpool art workshop-meets-after-hours-club where guests are invited to doodle on the furniture. Everybody is welcome from established artists to those who haven’t drawn a picture since their school days.

0151 329 0900


Concept development


By day: Doodles
By night: Noodles
Favourite place: Japan
Spirit animal: Crow
Mario or Sonic? Micro Machines v2
Mega fact: I have black belts in Tae Kwon Do and Aikido.