Niall Taylor

Niall is one of the biggest game enthusiasts here at Draw & Code. Originally hailing from Shropshire, Niall has built a career working within the games and technology industry, previously working as a Games Tutor, Games Designer, Community Manager and as a Games consultant.

After completing his Game Design degree at University, Niall has helped to make popular indie games such as Glitchrunners, Landslide McQueen and more. In his spare time, he volunteers to work as a Video Game Ambassador for Ukie helping schools to support their teaching of next generation skills.

Niall offers a bright and youthful touch to game design, with one of his titles previously being featured on Youtube’s biggest channel – PewDiePie.
0151 329 0900


Game Designer


Game Design
Systems Design
Unreal Engine 4


By day: Code slinging, spreadsheet wrangling, art-doing
By night: Games, trashy sci-fi novels and foam bananas.
Favourite Place: Azeroth
Spirit Animal: Irish Wolfhound
Mario or Sonic: Obviously Sonic!

Mega Fact: I pick up the local accent of wherever I live really, really quickly and I don’t know why.