Black Friday

"Cameraphones, VR Headsets – it’s Black Friday time!"


For those looking to plan your Christmas shopping early or just want to give yourself a digital treat, we’ve trawled the interweb to find some hidden gems in the Black Friday deals for those who enjoy tech and games as much as we do. Debit cards at the ready people…

If you’re looking for a new phone and a new games console, this is your dream deal. A Sony Xperia XZ with a free PS4! It’s like Brett and Jermaine’s camera phone in Flight of the Conchords except slightly better. However, I have a PS4 already, so I’d rather get the latest Xperia XZ1 as that is equipped with a 3D scanner to make it perhaps the best phone for delivering quality AR experiences. But that’s not in any Black Friday sales so I’m out of luck.

If you’re looking for a 4K screen to complete your home and gaming visual experience then look no further than the 2017 edition Sony Bravia 49inch TV that currently comes at a 48% discount! Does that mean it’s OK to buy two?

It’s all about Sony this November as they are also doing great deals on the PlayStation VR headset. How about £100 off and an extra game? Yes, that’s right, PSVR is looking like great value right now. You can pick these deals up everywhere, but we have to link you up with as they are based right here in Liverpool.

As you know, we’re big toys-for-life fans, so this deal on Lego Dimensions looks like a steal for US readers. As the most expensive of the mainstream toys-to-life starter packs, any discount is welcome. The thing is that Dimensions has recently been axed, so expect to be trawling eBay to get some of the older toys if you want to get deep into it.

Those looking for a gaming treat, look no further than Dishonored 2. The delightful storyline differs according to the character you choose to play with, giving you alternative endings with each. Every action has a consequence and alters how others perceive you in the Dishonored world, it’s not to be missed and is only £9.99 for both Xbox One and PS4 users at Game.

Still at Game, fans of multiplayer games who are looking for something fresh compared to the traditional competitive games need Overwatch in their life. Now available for £25, it’s a more appealing price for one of the very best games released over the last couple of years.

For XBox users if you’re looking for something on a low budget to pass your time until Christmas, look no further than Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – it’s £6 for an award winning, open world action adventure game is definitely worth a purchase. Cheers Microsoft!