"Check us out – a new Draw & Code website is here!"


After being online for the best part of a year, it was about time we refreshed the Draw & Code website. We’ve thrown in a few flourishes that show off our arty side, expanded our client case studies, added details on a whole new service that we now offer and we’ve also tidied up a few other loose ends.

To be quite honest, these loose ends are a few long-overdue improvements that are rather obvious. These include adding a live Twitter feed and tidying up the formatting of the blog. We took our time getting round to this simple stuff because we were so swamped with client work, which is no bad thing, so our own website is always last in the list of priorities.

Speaking of our client work, we have updated the client case studies, so you can get a little glimpse of what we have been up to lately. Click on ‘Our work’ to see what we have been up to in recent years. The six projects on display are only a small fraction of the things we do; from now on we will be adding new projects as they are completed.

On the topic of our work, we have now refreshed our skills, including our augmented reality developments. We were waiting until our first professional projects were well under way before revealing what we have been up to in the world of immersive technology. Admittedly, we don’t reveal too much as we have a few innovative applications of augmented reality up our sleeves. Once these projects are fully developed we will be bringing you much more information, but for now head to ‘What we do’ to learn a little about how Draw & Code’s various skills, including immersive technology.

Last but certainly not least in the list of improvements is the ‘About us’ section which has a whole new look. The name of the game is ‘Top Trumps’ with an fantastic illustration of each of us by our own pen-smith Andy Cooper.