Creative Kitchen Liverpool Software Developers

"Liverpool software developers unite at Creative Kitchen"


Creative Kitchen made a welcome return this morning, bringing together Liverpool’s creative and digital community over a cup of coffee. The event was held around the corner from the Draw & Code studio, which was handy, in the comfy confines of 92 Degrees Coffee.

Creative Kitchen Liverpool software developers

Our friends at Studio Mashbo are the brains behind Creative Kitchen, a concept that has grown out of their own dev breakfasts held in their Henry Street Studio over the last year or two. During the IFB (International Festival for Business) they took the concept up a gear by organising a series of events including co-working spaces, seminars and an honest-to-goodness party. We contributed an intricate projection mapping project to their 2014 events which you can see here.

Creative Kitchen Liverpool software developers

This time Creative Kitchen returned to its roots with the first dev breakfast of 2015. What started as Studio Mashbo and a few friends putting the world to rights has become something rather different in 2015. The big changes from the early days was a trebling in numbers and a more diverse bunch of people. Creative Kitchen in 2015 sees kindred spirits from outside the tech world and outside the city mingling with Merseyside’s brightest; in short, you didn’t have to be a Liverpool software developer to get something from it. You don’t even need to be a part of an established company; we met students and freelancers alongside entrepreneurs and employees. And no, the talk was not too techie for those who don’t know their ones from their zeroes.

Creative Kitchen Liverpool software developers

Draw & Code set up shop on the longest table and we were joined by plenty of people that we had never encountered before. Our morning kicked off with Shaun Fensom from Manchester Digital urging the attendees to get involved with the Big Chip Awards. We then talked about wearables, beacons and immersive technology with The Liverpool Office. How did we not know their wonderful work until now? We also spent time with familiar faces from Uniform, Juxdit and dev breakfast regular Sebastian Dziubek.

Creative Kitchen Liverpool software developers

The place was bustling and the main theme was collaboration. The one word that wasn’t mentioned was ‘networking’ as Creative Kitchen is about sharing your experience, not your business cards. Liverpool is a small enough city for you to fool yourself into thinking you know all about it, but we found ourselves being surprised by all the talent that lives and works on our doorstep; Creative Kitchen can do that to you. Let’s not leave it so long next time!

Keep your eye on Creative Kitchen’s website and on the social networks to make sure you get tickets to their next event.