"Desert Runners Movie scoops prestigious awards"


You may remember that the Draw & Code team contributed animation to the Desert Runners movie, a thrilling documentary about the most extreme marathons in the world. This movie has now picked up some prestigious awards across the globe which it richly deserves in our (admittedly slightly biased) opinion.

As we documented a few months ago, Desert Runners was a hit at the Edinburgh Film Festival where it was one of the picks for Best of the Fest. Now it has won high praise at other fine international film festivals to prove that the shining reviews in Edinburgh were no fluke.

Desert Runners has taken the title of Best Documentary at the prestigious Vancouver Film Festival and at The Hamptons Film Festival. Meanwhile on this side of The Atlantic it is due to be awarded as the Best Documentary in the foreign movie category at the Amsterdam Film Festival, which is Europe’s largest documentary festival.

Hopefully all this acclaim will lead to more showings of this powerful true story and yet more recognition for the hard work put in by the team behind the cameras and the incredible athletes they portray.