"Desert Runners debuts at the Edinburgh Film Festival"


After spending a couple of days at the Augmented Reality Summit in London, it is onwards to the dizzying heights of the Edinburgh Film Festival for the Draw & Code crew. Andy and Heidi will be representing the team at the premiere of Desert Runners which is a stunning new documentary that we are proud to have contributed to.

As the title suggests, Desert Runners is about ordinary folk who run in the most extraordinary places. The Atacama, the Gobi, the Sahara and the Antarctic are all tackled during the course of the year by this intrepid mix of athletes who are looking for the ultimate adventure that running can provide.

Draw & Code were approached by the director, Jennifer Steinman, to create both the titles and the animations that illustrate the perils and pitfalls of each desert. Based in New York, Jennifer guided us through her vision of the movie. She wanted animations that could help add to the understanding of the extreme challenges and the stark contrasts that each desert presented the runners with. Having the animators in Liverpool while the production was being assembled in New York was no problem at all as Jennifer was great to work with, albeit down a phone! Throwing ideas back and forth across a whole ocean is a thrill in our book.

With location footage and photographs at our disposal, Andy worked his magic and is now en route to Edinburgh to see the complete Desert Runners movies for the first time. The film has received a couple of cracking reviews, which we are chuffed to bits about. So if you find yourself in Edinburgh during the next week be sure to catch the film and maybe you will see the team who made it out enjoying a wee dram afterwards.

You can find out more about the Desert Runners documentary here.