"Diary of a web and app developer in Liverpool – Summer 2013"


It’s been a while since we updated you on what is happening in the world of Draw & Code, so we thought that it was time to dip into our diary…

May – 3D exhibition opens in Hong Kong

One of the highlights of our year so far has been working with the stupendously gifted Stephen Chan. His Two Colours/Three Dimensions project was a collaborative effort between many different Liverpool animators and graphic artists, including ourselves. Stephen Chan was the executive producer, the curator and the conductor of a very talented bunch who came together to experiment with old-school 3D techniques. The exhibition ran in Hong Kong through the early summer; you can read much more about it right here.

June – Draw & Code hit the red carpet and gain some new recruits

June saw a couple of exciting events that some of the Draw & Code crew attended; first up was the Augmented Reality Summit in London. Draw & Code were the only app developer in Liverpool represented at this showcase for the emerging augmented reality industry. We came back brimming with inspiration, a new development kit is on its way and we have a few useful business cards in our pockets.

After the intriguing trip to down south, it was on to the Edinburgh Film Festival. Andy and Heidi were representing us at the premiere of Desert Runners, a full-length documentary movie about a remarkable down-to-earth group of people achieving the extraordinary. The story focuses on a select few competitors in the world’s toughest series of ultramarathons, taking them from the Sahara to the Antarctic. Draw & Code were responsible for animated sequences within the movie, of which there are many. It was a thrill being part of an inspiring film such as Desert Runners, which has already been making a great impression with critics. To find out more about how Liverpool animators came to be involved with Desert Runners, take a look at this blog post.

Back at base we were busy welcoming new recruits Emily and Andy to the team, two talented graduates who are here to help us accommodate an expanding workload. Emily draws while Andy codes; both of them being a joy to work with over this last month or so.

July – Web developments completed

Recently completed development projects include a web-based tool for Birmingham Prostate Clinic. Draw & Code were tasked with creating a backend database and content management system that allows doctors to input and display statistics surrounding recovery from prostate cancer. The idea of the project is to give patients and their families all the facts about the disease and to build up a reliable data set for those researching the disease. It may sound like a cliche, but it was rewarding to work on a project such as this one.

Meanwhile Tapestore is the latest e-commerce development to come out of Draw & Code Towers. The focus of thetapestore.co.uk is the world of tape measures and professional digital measures. This niche service is vital to the construction and surveying industries who are always in need of ever more accurate and feature-packed measures.

Other projects

Unfortunately there is precious little that we can tell you about our other ongoing projects at the moment. We have been busy developing an app for a leading alcohol brand and we are also creating a full 3D augmented reality app for a regular client that is due to be completed in the autumn. Stay tuned!