Draw & Code XR Report

"Draw & Code XR and Beyond Report 2018"


To mark the start of what promises to be an intriguing year ahead for augmented, virtual and mixed reality, we brought our creative technologists together to talk through what 2018 may herald.

The resulting ‘XR and Beyond’ report can be downloaded today and is packed with insight, opinion and predictions. You can find out why AR will have 2 billion users sooner than you think and why the monetisation of VR may depend on the tech behind Bitcoin.


At Draw & Code we have been working with XR technologies since our inception. Fast-forward eight years and we boast over half-a-million downloads of our augmented reality-infused applications and partnerships with some of the most exciting technology platforms. You will also find us nestled alongside the likes of Niantic and Magic Leap in the AR Landscape – a vital guide to the movers-and-shakers in the industry.

This grants us a unique perspective on where XR is heading and how it will integrate with other emerging technologies to produce something truly transformative.

And what is the really exciting part of witnessing the rise of immersive tech first-hand? It is that this fast-paced change isn’t just happening in augmented, virtual and mixed reality – there is a convergence of emerging technologies that are all coming to fruition around the same time.

In some ways this era feels comparable to the personal computer, early mobile phones and the formative days of fully computer-generated graphics all blossoming as one during the 1980s. Except this time there is an inherent interconnection between technologies that wasn’t possible back then. In a few short years we could see a revolution in the way we live as XR, the blockchain, AI, drones and more become a part of our daily lives.

Head to http://drawandcodexr.pagedemo.co/ to download the report.