"Hound dog slow motion film starring George the Basset!"


If you had a super slow motion camera for the weekend, what would you film? We found ourselves asking that question after filming a promo for our friends at Everyone Active. Smashing things up and a spot of fire were both essential slo-mo scenes (obviously), but our favourite slow-moment starred George the basset hound.

After a day of filming in Birkenhead Park, we turned the camera on the young mutt. He is relatively lean and muscular by basset standards, so it was a surprise to see so much wibbling and wobbling going on. Drool flies as he shakes violently, his body seemingly going in about five different directions all at once. You can see why dogs can dry or clean themselves without a towel in sight. The whole thing lasted mere seconds, the magic of slow motion film stretching it into a minute of dribbling delight.

Nearly a year after the shoot Andy dug out the film, played around with it a little bit and selected a superb piece of music by Cid Rim and The Clonius to accompany it. Here is Hound Dog Slo Mo for your viewing pleasure…