Peel Port Liverpool 2

Peel Ports commemorated the launch of Liverpool 2 with a bold immersive tech-led event.


Draw & Code were commissioned to create a suite of immersive and interactive experiences for Peel Port’s Liverpool 2 launch. A marquee 360 degree projection mapping show, interactive animated tables and a Google Cardboard virtual reality experience all helped to convey the new port’s significance and size.


Working with the events team commissioned by Peel to stage an opening event as dramatic as this development is, Draw & Code were charged with leveraging the latest immersive technology to give viewers a unique perspective on the site.

The recce for the event began atop the enormous ‘megamax’ cranes that have changed the skyline around the mouth of the River Mersey. From here, the Draw & Code designers took inspiration from the bird’s eye views of the site, hoping to translate them into the swooping views animated in the projection mapped animation.

For those who were not able to attend the event, branded Google Cardboard VR headsets were commissioned so the animated content could reach beyond the event. With a projected shared VR experience being broadly similar in principle to a 360 virtual reality video, this seemed like a natural way to broaden the reach of the event.

Aside from the 360 animation, the brief involved looking at the wider work of Peel and how Liverpool 2 would fit into the infrastructure of the UK. This was achieved through two interactive animated tables to give visitors the ability to see the port in a wider context. Each table consisted of a screen that displayed a stylised image of a map of the UK. Atop the screens were small perspex models, each depicting different landmarks around the country. Touchscreen controls allowed the visitors to toggle different animations that showed how each of the key locations were interlinked and the role the port would play in it all. When selected, the screen would illuminate the model landmarks – a simple but compelling way to make an animated infographic appear to jump from the screen into the physical world.


The launch event of Peel Port’s Liverpool 2 was a success with celebrities, politicians and management of the port using the occasion to explore the achievement of building such a large and capable port. Allowing the world’s largest container ships to dock on the west of the UK for the first time, the ambitious and technically sophisticated £400 million development certainly deserved to be marked by a launch event that embodied the same traits.