"The diary of an animator and software developer in Liverpool – new projects"


The autumn is upon us and we are as busy as ever here at the office working on everything from e-commerce sites to musicals. Our new friends Emily and Andy have now been with us for a few months and are fitting in perfectly to the Draw & Code way of doing things. Meanwhile we have welcomed an old friend back to the team and there are a couple of projects that we can finally start to boast about, so here is another update on the life and times of an animator and software developer in Liverpool.

July – Heineken Loves Manchester

Heineken Loves Manchester is a collaborative project with digital designers Project 365. Clean and crisp like the drink, this is a simple website; just pop in your postcode and you will see where the nearest pint of Heineken is to you. While this is only a relatively ‘small’ website, it is potentially part of a wider marketing project that may eventually be rolled out in multiple cities across the UK. And no, we did not get any free drinks for developing the site!

August – Wordwall

Here in the Draw & Code office we have a couple of friends who work alongside us, including Ben from Wordwall; the market leaders in LCD touchscreen technology for the classroom. We love what they do, so it was great to get involved in creating artwork for them that reflected the Wordwall ethos of making education engaging and entertaining. We provided branding design work, illustration and animations for both promotional use and to be featured on the device itself.

Wordwall itself is a unique, interactive whiteboard that allows students and teachers to work together in new and creative ways. Wordwall’s Ben says that, “Draw & Code have given the product a distinctive feel. It’s aimed at schools as our core market, but the illustrations are ageless. It’s not patronising to young people.”

September – Adgen

There is nothing like a full software development job to challenge the collective intellect of our coding wizards. Digital signage company Adgen have provided us with just such a challenge; we have spent the summer redeveloping their current product to reduce the costs of the hardware required to run it. Previously the Adgen client needed a full installation in their venue; now we are using HTML5 to allow Adgen to work off just about any web-connected Android or PC device. This allows staff to create and control what appears on screens from their phones, making it quicker, easier and cheaper for a shop, restaurant, hotel, bar or pub to run their own dynamic marketing.

Whereas technology is seen as a contributor to the fall of the high street, Adgen is designed to empower small businesses. This is the largest Android development project we have taken on so far and the system is now ready to go to open beta, so it’s time to put our work to the test in the real world.

Looking ahead

As ever we have other top secret endeavours that we cannot share with you just yet. There are a couple of thrilling animation projects that will be revealed soon. They are large enough that Andy’s artwork and Emily’s 3D is not enough, so we have brought in our old friend Mike Snowdon from Draw the Line to provide an extra set of pencils. We have collaborated with Mike before, but it’s years since we have shared the same workspace. If you are not familiar with his work then check out his website right here and head down to his brilliant Draw the Line club night that combines DIY art and music.