SwapBots – augmented toys become reality

This week Draw & Code released our latest project - SwapBots - an augmented reality toy that does what we do best; merging the physical and the digital to create something unique. Working alongside fellow Liverpool company Juxdit, this is our first c ... [read more]

Liverpool is one of Google’s first UK cities in 3D

Liverpool has become one of the first UK cities to be mapped in full 3D on Google Earth. The results are spectacular with all of the city centre right out to Crosby in the north and Allerton in the south all covered, along with Birkenhead too. But th ... [read more]

A new Draw & Code showreel for 2015

2014 was our busiest and most thrilling year in our short history, so we decided to put the highlights into a sexy Draw & Code showreel for you. Bring on 2015! From giant outdoor projection mapping to augmented reality in the pa ... [read more]