Aspect – our arts-focused augmented reality viewer

The boys and girls at Draw & Code have developed our own augmented reality viewer called Aspect. This is no ordinary AR browser - it is aimed at artists, galleries and those of a creative persuasion. We want Aspect to encourage people to think di ... [read more]


The artists at Draw & Code have produced interactive animations and wider design work for Wordwall, a high-tech teaching tool that is produced right here in Liverpool.


To coincide with the launch of their Wordpad7 h ... [read more]

Tengu-san 3D printed model

Tengu-san was Draw & Code's very first venture into 3D printing - and it ended up winning an award! Our 3D designers are not short of talent...


One ordinary afternoon we received a phone call from the organisers of ... [read more]

The Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot saw Draw & Code given the opportunity to use a magnificent English stately home as a canvas on which we projection mapped vivid animation.


Northamptonshire County Council commissioned a large-scale ... [read more]