"The life of a Liverpool web developer – new clients, new challenges"


It’s been a while since we last blogged here on our own website, so we thought we would give you a little update on what has been happening here at Draw and Code HQ. We have spent a great deal of January playing with our radio controlled helicopters that we bought for ourselves at Christmas, but in between times we have been very productive with the usual app and web development, along with plenty of work that has taken us well outside our comfort zone.

2013 has got off to a busy start, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Towards the end of 2012 we were in need of a new accountant, so we got in touch with a lovely chap from PL Accountants called Andy Pollard. Fortuitously he was looking for a little help with his website. Fundamentally it was a decent site, but we were determined to unlock its full potential with a little SEO magic.

Another client that we really enjoy working with are Green Bay Harvest. This is a family-run business that produces and imports the very highest quality manuka honey products. Native to New Zealand, manuka honey has unique properties that not only give it a distinct taste, but also make it extremely good for your health. That is tremendous news as the good people at Green Bay were good enough to send us boxes of their delicious products, all in the name of research. Obviously. Sugar in your coffee? Here, have some honey!

There are a few other projects that we cannot divulge too much about right now, including two application developments that have provided us with a nice technical challenge. One of these jobs involves some innovative use of Android devices, so we are now officially Android developers! Previously we had been iOS all the way, so this change has been reflected in the mobile devices sported by the office. There are now three Android phones and two tablets knocking around, which is quite an upheaval, believe me.

These new projects have all tested our abilities as a full service Liverpool web developer. Our experience has been put to good use, we have another developer coming on board soon and a move into a bigger office is afoot. All of this new work is on top of our regular clients which includes the excellent Everyone Active Online, which is one clever way of getting yourself into shape, even if we do say so ourselves. We are also continuing work on a spectacular multi-media play too, which we’ll give you the lowdown on in the near future.

As I write this, John is fortunate enough to be in Amsterdam for a meeting. Yes, a meeting. Or that’s his story anyway. Jealous? Moi? I’m going back to humming the theme from Airwolf while flying my toy helicopter…