"Our new view – web development in Liverpool never looked so good!"


We are now settled into our swanky new office near the top of the Hahnemann Building on Hope Street, the cultural heart of Liverpool. Although the previous office was lovely, there can be no doubt that we have gone up in the world with this new space.

Only a year ago we at Draw & Code were living the life of moles – stuck underground with barely any light, foraging the depths below, only scampering into the light to find sustenance. Our subterranean lair on Rodney Street was dull and cold, our beady little eyes were beginning to fuse shut and we were sick of saying “Sky? What sky?” – so it was time to move.

From our basement dwelling on Rodney Street we made the move to Hope Street and into a space that was only a street away physically, but the two offices were worlds apart in terms of atmosphere. This first office on Hope Street was a relatively modest size that we quickly outgrew, so within months was time to move upstairs and into a king-size office.

Now we are on top of the world, rather than under it; the views from this former hospital are spectacular. The largest window offers a vista across the Dickensian-looking roofs of Hope Place, Rice Street and Pilgrim Street. St Luke’s – the Bombed Out Church – is visible in the foreground with the Liver Buildings lining up in the middle distance. Towards the centre of our view is the Wheel of Liverpool, which spins no matter the weather. We can see right across the Mersey towards Birkenhead, which is often lost in a river-bound mist. When it finally clears we can get a glimpse of the Welsh mountains in the distance.

Nearly every day since moving up here, we have been treated to a spectacular sunset. This banquet for the eyes has prompted us to invest in a pair of office binoculars, which gives us the ability to tell the time by looking at a church on the Wirral instead of looking at our phones. This is probably how God tells the time.

Web development in Liverpool has never looked so good!

The main room in our space is large enough to hold far more than the dozen people that currently occupy it. Once upon a time this room was a ward in the Liverpool Hahnemann Hospital and Dispensary, which was to later become a part of the university. In fact, our own Andy ‘Crayons’ Cooper was taught his arty ways in this very room, our surroundings now triggering traumatic flashbacks of those terrifying years.

Out of my nearest window I can see Liverpool Cathedral, LIPA and beyond. Out front we have our own cosy meeting room (complete with comfy sofas and a swanky table) that overlooks Hope Street and Falkner Street, which provided us with this vista for our spectacular Liverpool time-lapse, which you can see here. Web development in Liverpool has never been so picturesque!