AdGen Digital Signage

AdGen is a sophisticated system that allows venue managers to create their very own animated advertisements. Developed by the boffins at Draw & Code, this portable device uses HTML5 and mobile app technology that allows anybody to curate their own commercial breaks no matter how skilled they may be at design.


AdGen is a digital signage system that allows venue managers to create their own animated advertisements. This can be utilised to promote their own services or it can generate revenue by selling ad space. Previously AdGen had operated from desktop PCs which worked well, but the team behind it wanted a smaller, cheaper and simpler system, so it was time for some fresh thinking, which is what we do best.


Draw & Code were brought onboard to completely re-develop the concept of AdGen from the ground-up. The first thing we did was ditch the PCs and replace them with custom Android tablets that ran an all-new AdGen app. Our coders developed a new software interface that makes it easy for anybody to make their own advertisements. We also brought the technology into the 21st century by swapping the Flash-driven animations for a bespoke system that used HTML5.

“The input of Draw & Code’s developers and UX designers has been invaluable to AdGen. They have re-built AdGen from the ground-up, resulting in a much better and more efficient product. Not only that, they are a pleasure to work alongside.”
– Colin Brighton, AdGen Director.


AdGen is now more user-friendly, cost-effective and it uses compact hardware. This new system is just starting to be seen in pubs, clubs and sports venues throughout the UK with overseas distribution due to begin shortly.

There were other advantages to the new strategy of building an all-new app; AdGen can now be ported to other hardware including smart TVs. This will allow venue owners to access all the features of advertisement generating software at a minimal cost and without the need for any additional hardware or wiring. We are currently working with one of the world’s leading TV manufacturers to offer Adgen as a proprietary feature of their sets. Watch this space!