Augmented World Expo 2014

Draw & Code took our latest augmented reality developments to Silicon Valley to showcase them at the heart of the tech industry.


After attending industry shows we decided that it was time to take the plunge and exhibit our own work. As we are one of the top augmented reality developers in Liverpool, we targeted the world’s biggest and best AR show – the Augmented World Expo in California.

The mission was to go to the heart of Silicon Valley and to showcase our own take on AR side-by-side with the industry’s biggest players including Qualcomm, Google and Microsoft. We had two weeks to create original and engaging AR demos that showcased our technology and design while endeavouring to add a flavour of our home city of Liverpool too.


This ambitious project involved creating three distinct experiences for AWE: the first brought video games into the physical world, the second was an AR art gallery featuring some of our favourite Merseyside artists (The Singh Twins and Stephen Chan) and the third was an update to our already existing AR model of Hope Street in Liverpool.

The resulting app was developed over a relatively short time in our studio with the finishing touches being applied from the finest coffee spots in San Francisco. We also designed pop-up stands and beermats to use as AR markers.


It was a successful and eye-opening venture that has led to plenty of interest, media coverage and has opened up the possibility of some very exciting collaborations. Our exhibits stood out amongst the cutting edge hardware and software platforms on display as we showed how the technology being developed in Silicon Valley can be utilised to create original and engaging content. The feedback from the tech industry elite was glowing and we came back filled with confidence. Indeed, since AWE we have exhibited our AR demos at other shows and we have now created new versions of these prototypes.

As with all our augmented reality developments, the prototypes were created using Vuforia software, so it was thrilling to actually have people from Qualcomm try out our demos! The Draw & Code away team also got their hands on new technology such as Google’s Project Tango, way ahead of most UK developers.