GP Bullhound Projection Mapping

For three consecutive years Draw & Code have been commissioned to create projection mapped sets for GP Bullhound – Northern Tech Awards. From point-cloud pooches to art nouveau flair, each show has been unique and spectacular.


The Northern Tech Awards are an annual event that celebrates UK technology businesses. Organised by investment experts GP Bullhound, it is one of the highlights of awards season.

From 2016 to 2018 Draw & Code have been an official technology partner of the event and have provided a unique projection mapped backdrop for each occasion with differing briefs and varying inspirations.


In 2016 the Northern Tech Awards came to Liverpool at the newly opened Titanic Hotel. Bringing the tech and investment communities together in this former warehouse, the animations were to be playful, captivating but with a technical aesthetic.

As with each year’s animations, the dog that features in GP Bullhound’s logo was brought to life as part of the animation – leaping from screen-to-screen as it moved. In this case we rendered the dog and the abstract environment it dwelled in using the style of point-cloud data. The idea was to show that the world of data-heavy technology is in itself a beautiful thing.

For 2017 the Northern Tech Awards moved to Newcastle and our projected animation this time took inspiration from design trends of typography intersecting with artwork. The approach was for motion graphics to represent the creative formation of ideas and growth, represented by an evolving nexus of colourful abstract shapes.

The 2018 edition was hosted in Edinburgh and the brief was to take influence from the spaces and culture of the area for a projection mapped spectacular. As such, a decadent look grew from studies of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s art nouveau work which was combined with renderings of stained glass to reference the converted church where the awards were to be presented.

Each of the three events were resounding successes with hundreds of attendees and a high production value permeating the whole occasion – led by the inventive visuals and set design that Draw & Code’s projection mapping formed the cornerstone of.