International Business Festival 2018 – LED Screen Animation

Draw & Code and Adlib were commissioned to create a large LED wall animation
for a global event situated on our doorstep – the International Business Festival.


The organisers of the International Business Festival were expecting tens of thousands of visitors to the third edition of this multi-sector trade show. Commissioning regular Draw & Code collaborators Adlib Solutions, the creative team behind the festival aimed to wow every visitor with an LED wall of spectacular animation to greet them on the show floor.

With the event itself being a showcase for so many sectors – from ship building to film-making – there was a rich seam of inspiration to draw from. Each of the nine themes covered during the festival had to be represented along with a dynamic interpretation of the event’s branding.


Draw & Code’s design team, lead by Mike Snowdon, adopted existing IFB branding and added motion graphics twists by employing its geometric shapes to act as subliminal directional cues to welcome attendees and exhibitors into the venue.

The position of the screen in the venue required us to break from the mold of traditional Western left-to-right orientation of the film – a technique that Draw & Code and Adlib had already explored in the Terracotta Warriors exhibition.

Our design team used the International Business Festival’s branding to act as a dynamic system for dynamically masking video content and to present the variations on visual identity around each of the show’s themed days. Simplified geometric forms built a world map alongside a skyline of the city to reflect the show’s global reach.


For the nine days of the festival, the LED wall animation was the first feature of the show floor seen by visitors – including VIP’s such as Prince William. Not only did it capture all the themes to the event in a creative, immersive way, the LED wall formed part of a truly superbly designed show floor that was unusually cohesive for a trade show.