Philips Magic Leap AR

Philips commissioned a mixed and augmented reality experience using Magic Leap and ARKit respectively.


ISE in Amsterdam is the biggest showcase for the A/V industry and Philips Displays are one of the key attractions at the exhibition. For 2019, the team at Philips wanted to utilise immersive tech to offer something unique. There were two aims for the immersive experiences – the first focused on offering ISE delegates a playful way to explore the latest Philips products, while the second was to be a functional toolkit for A/V industry. A Magic Leap mixed reality application and an ARKit app for an iPad immediately sprung to mind…


This was to be Draw & Code’s first commercial project using a Magic Leap One. Working in partnership with the team at Philips Professional Displays, the Magic Leap was a playful addition to the stand that helped to engage delegates on the stand. The leading edge mixed reality device recognised the screens and allowed the user to ‘throw’ a 3D character inspired by the Philips brand and their partnerships with Google’s Android.

The second experience was something a lot more practical – a toolkit that utilises augmented reality to allow Philips’ partners to spec the correct screens for a client. This app has been dubbed ‘ARc’ (Augmented Reality Configurator) and features the ability to select a realistic-looking representation of a screen and see it at 1:1 scale on the wall in front of you. The ARKit app can even measure the space available and auto-populate the view with screens to allow A/V installers to quickly preview the best options available to the client.


The first use of Magic Leap with a screen brand, the mixed reality experience stood out at the sprawling ISE show – even in amongst a wealth of eye-popping screens and installations. With in-headset action playing on a giant screen, this proved to be the star attraction on Philips’ stand, validating their vision of using new ways to explore the offer of the electronics giant’s core screen offering.

Speaking at ISE 2019, Martin Ware, EMEA Business Manager and UK Sales Director at Philips Professional Display Solutions, said: “Every day at ISE 2019 we’ve been blown away by the really positive feedback we’ve received from our partners, who are all now keen to get their hands on this latest useful technology.”

ARc is now being evaluated for use in the field by Philips’ staff and partners.