Ready Player One AR Portal

The Snatch AR treasure hunt app features mini-games produced by Draw & Code – including limited edition branded experiences. To mark the launch of Warner Bros’ Ready Player One movie we created an AR portal that appears within the main Snatch app and takes players into the Ready Player One world.


As part of the launch week of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie, Snatch are featuring the movie within the app. The brief was to create an accessible mini-game in AR that captured the essence of the movie in terms of its presentation and the themes of the overall experience.


The action in Ready Player One primarily happens in The Oasis – a virtual reality world that most of the population escape into to avoid the harsh realities of life in the 2040s. So, it seemed apt when creating an augmented reality experience as part of the Snatch app to bring a little of that feeling of immersion that the VR world is all about.

The solution is an AR portal – an 3D space that it is possible to ‘step’ into. Once ‘inside’ this 3D space the viewer can look back through a digital doorway into the real world.

Produced using Apple’s ARKit, this portal houses a mini-game that taps into some of the themes of the movie. An old-school arcade cabinet appears and simple questions relating to the movie can be answered using its controls.

While AR portals are starting to become more commonplace since the release of Apple’s marker-less ARKit development tools, these are usually passive experiences. For Draw & Code’s Ready Player One experience we required an interactive element within the 3D world, something that is a lot more rare.


The Ready Player One AR mini-game launched as the movie made its theatrical debut. Players collect keys if they are successful and can redeem them for real-life prizes including a trip to New York.