Red Bull Projected Animation

The world’s most experience-orientated brand, a party and some big projectors – that time Red Bull called on Draw & Code for projected 3D animations…


How does the adrenaline fuelled energy drink brand celebrate the end of another year of pushing the envelope? Draw & Code were invited to deliver projected animations that summed up the year for the Austrian drinks giant – a year that featured no less an achievement than Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space back down to the ground!


It was a tight turnaround before the event – aimed at Red Bull’s UK crew and to be held in a warehouse space in Newcastle – what could the artists at Draw & Code conjure up in the time available?

The event itself was organised by D3 – the masterminds behind our Hyundai shared VR experience created with Igloo Vision – so the production values and organisation were going to be spot on. With DJs spinning, bands playing and drinks flowing (all mixed with Red Bull we assume!) it the visuals had to be fast-paced yet not distract from the on-stage action.

The Red Bull folk furnished us with assets including the branding which was to be melded into 2D and 3D animations that told the story of the year at Red Bull. We went for a space theme, showing the global vision of the brand. With multiple projection surfaces on stages and DJ booths the concept was to surround the audience with moving images that propelled them through space and into the world of Red Bull.


The party was a success with employees enjoying the night and Draw & Code’s animations creating something unique to this event. A great way to round up a successful year!