Safe House

Draw & Code contributed amazing projection mapped animation to this spectacular show that is touring the UK leaving crowds gasping and the critics gushing.


Having worked extensively on large-scale aerial theatre, interactive sets and projection mapping, Draw & Code were the logical choice to provide animation for this daring production from Metro Boulot Dodo and Wired Aerial. An oversize house provided a canvas on which we were to paint a 50 minute projection-mapped backdrop. This ambitious large scale show sought to explore what the ‘home’ means to the individual. It would depict the full life cycle of a nuclear family; the young couple searching for a home, the arrival of a baby boy – then his journey through childhood, rebellion, his adult years after leaving the house, and finally his return home.


In order to effectively interpret the sensitive themes and varied time periods which are explored in Safe House, we employed a broad range of animation styles. Using a mixture of 2D and 3D animation integrated with film to create the world in which the aerial performers inhabit, each show was customised with footage and statistics about each town it visits on a national tour.

“The animations that Draw & Code have provided for METRO-BOULOT-DODO have been simply stunning. The company have such talented and dedicated artists that deliver a range of creative animations that capture the imagination of our audience to perfection.”
– Esther Simpson, Co Artistic Director of METRO-BOULOT-DODO


So far, Brighton, Norwich, Greenwich, Stockton and Leicester have rolled out the welcome mat for Safe House, and the show continues to tour throughout the UK with a view to traveling further afield in 2015. The Guardian said that “It is the unexpected intimacy in a large-scale outdoor show that is so touching” while other reviewers were even more gushing as The Brighton Argus said Safe House was “innovative and nothing short of incredible”.

Photos courtesy of:
© Northwich Arts Lab
© Pamela Raith