Snatch AR Treasure Hunt

Snatch is an app with a difference: from paying for a deposit on your dream home to bagging yourself the latest iPhone – the prizes you win are real. It’s a geo-location game that challenges the players to grab parcels during augmented reality challenges and then hang on to them as other players try to snatch them. Draw & Code have partnered with Snatch to create inventive AR interactions and brand-specific mini-games.


When Snatch approached Draw & Code to create augmented reality content the app was already in a very limited beta release. It consisted of the core geo-location game with a single AR interaction – Draw & Code were tasked with making new augmented games that were more compelling both in terms of gameplay and also making fuller use of the potential of this immersive technology.

One of the key considerations when creating mini-games within the Snatch app was its unusual gameplay mechanic. The idea of snatching a parcel quickly and then needing to hang onto it for hours meant that the initial interactions had to be swift, slick and compelling. They also had to be easily completed while on-the-go outdoors – often in the middle of a busy commute.


The first step was to evaluate what gameplay is possible within a limited time and potentially to a non-gamer audience. The resulting games typically consisted of a single action that could be completed easily but were still rewarding enough to keep the players coming back to snatch more digital parcels.

The mini-games within the Snatch app are, for the most part, produced using Apple’s ARKit. This allows us to create contextual assets and environments that are ‘anchored’ to a point in the real world without the presence of a marker. However, to make the games as accessible as possible, there are also non-ARKit versions that offer the same gameplay for a far wider variety of devices.

Snatch is very much focused on creating a truly engaging game-led marketing platform and as such is collaborating directly with brands. One such collaboration was produced with Marmite who have already created facial-recognition experiences for the web and were looking at the next step in personalised game-infused content. The marketing team at Marmite worked directly with Snatch and Draw & Code to R&D just how far we could take contextual AR in an outdoor setting. This involved using photogrammetry to allow landmarks to be used as markers to trigger augmented reality experiences – very much pushing this type of AR to the limits of what is possible.


In the first year of Snatch’s beta release it has amassed close to a million downloads. Snatch has also secured nearly £5 million in seed funding to enable the company to capitalise on this stunning start.

Draw & Code have since been commissioned to create other brand-specific experiences for Snatch, including the Ready Player One AR portal that can be seen here.