Tengu-san 3D printed model

Tengu-san was Draw & Code’s very first venture into 3D printing – and it ended up winning an award! Our 3D designers are not short of talent…


One ordinary afternoon we received a phone call from the organisers of a 3D printing competition with the brief: to design a 3D character, 3D print it and then submit it for judging. Sounds simple? The problem was that we had never 3D printed anything before…


Luckily for us we have very talented concept artists and 3D artists. Mike had already been experimenting with 2D designs of a character based upon Japanese lore called Tengu-san. It was time for Emily, our dedicated 3D artist, to turn this design into something suitable for 3D printing.


After a hectic couple of weeks we arrived for the judging of the 3D Print Cup – and we left with the award for Best Team! Not bad for a first try and a testament to our designers. On the right of this page you can play with the finished 3D model using Sketchfab.

This first venture into a vital new medium started us on a path towards developing our own innovative 3D printed products. Winning an award for our first 3D printed model has proved to be the catalyst for an exciting new direction for Draw & Code.

As for Tengu-san, after taking home the award we have continued to work with on the character, including transferring the 3D model into an augmented reality setting.