The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils is a charming play with Swedish roots being produced for a global market. Our interactive animated sets provide a key ingredient of the spectacle.


In 2013 Lanterna Vision came to us with their epic interpretation of the well loved Swedish folk tale The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. They were looking for collaborators as they translated it into a musical show for a world-wide audience. The show was ambitious, which is just how we like it! Working with ground-breaking Australian director David Freeman and composer John Cameron, we set about using our experience in large-scale animations to help bring their vision to life.


Having already recruited the talented set and costume designer Dan Potra, Lanterna Vision entrusted us to work with him as we took the style of the storybook’s original artwork to create beautiful, interactive environment for the actors to work within.

The original story of Nils tells the tale of a young boy who embarks on a magical journey across the provinces of Sweden on the back of his pet goose. The book was intended to teach children the geography of their country as well as some moral fables, and this has been updated for a modern audience.

“Our adventure of a shrinking boy was created by the most adventurous team from the UK, China and Australia. It was thanks to the magic hands of Draw & Code that Lanterna Vision could achieve this dream.”
– Shuang Zou, Director, Lanterna Vision


Having no tradition of Broadway-style musical theatre in China, the show is most innovative and has been compared to The Lion King in recent reviews. The show opened to crowds of thousands at Wuhan People’s Theatre before touring China, and is currently touring internationally.