Unsung Heroes is an accessible augmented reality art experience exhibited in the Everyman theatre in Liverpool.


The idea behind Unsung Heroes was to create art that used augmented reality to bring it to life. Commissioned by Knowsley Adult Disability Services, each piece of art was to represent an unsung hero in the community. Full creative control was to be handed over to the participants, so we had to find a way to make the process as accessible as possible so even the least experienced members of the group could produce interactive art.

The aim was that in a few short workshop sessions the participants would create interactive augmented reality artworks that would be displayed in The Everyman with an accompanying app being launched for Apple and Android mobile devices.


To make the project as accessible as possible the markers were based on collages created by the group, each one highlighting an unsung local hero. It was easy for even the least experienced members of the group to use the materials on hand to create a bright, attractive and meaningful piece of art that was also effective as an augmented reality marker that was to be used to trigger the digital content.

Using Unity 3D and Vuforia, the technical team at Draw & Code took the collages and animated the individual elements within them. Sound effects were recorded by the workshop group and are triggered by touching the corresponding area of the screen.


The collages were revealed at an event in the Everyman Theatre where they are to be displayed. The Unsung Heroes app was released to the App Store and Google Playstore.