VR Grand Prix Experience

For Unity’s Vision Summit we collaborated with Vizuality Studio on a VR Grand Prix simulator showcase.


Racing simulators are already a well proven breed, so how can you bring something new to the table? Vizuality Studio create bespoke integrated virtual reality hardware solutions and approached Draw & Code about collaborating on an experiment in how to deliver the most immersive racing experience possible.

The aim was to showcase the simulator at the Unity Vision VR/AR Summit in Hollywood before Vizuality appeared on stage to discuss the role that bespoke hardware will play in the expansion of virtual reality.


Vizuality are used to building custom rigs for high-end installations, specialising in delivering untethered headsets and arena scale walk around VR. This research project was to explore two key features: firstly the creation of a full-face crash helmet with a VR headset within it and the second was to integrate the virtual experience with a hydraulic motion platform to increase the feeling of immersion.

Draw & Code’s role was to create the graphical elements of the simulation and also to work on the integration of the game with the hydraulic motion platform.


The resulting racing experience was certainly thrilling – climbing aboard a Grand Prix car and putting on the helmet takes you within an inch of the real thing. The helmet replacing a flat 2D screen meant unprecedented immersion and was a great way to showcase what Unity’s 3D platform can do in virtual reality when combined with physical elements.