The artists at Draw & Code have produced interactive animations and wider design work for Wordwall, a high-tech teaching tool that is produced right here in Liverpool.


To coincide with the launch of their Wordpad7 hardware and software, Wordwall asked Draw & Code to produce an all new look for their educational games. The designs would be required to appeal to high school and college students alike, influencing the overall brand and also being used as part of our packaging design.


Our art team sat down with Wordwall to ascertain their current market and where they wanted to take the brand with their latest products. We looked at their latest Android-powered hardware to assess its capabilities, working side-by-side with their expert developers as they put together the software that powers Wordpad7. Another vital part of our research was to sit down with students who would be likely users of the Wordpad to get their opinions on the product as it was in development.

“Draw & Code have created hand-drawn electronic artwork of the highest standard for our product, giving it a distinctive feel. The artwork somehow contains enough dark comedy to satisfy the most cynical of adults, yet at the same time, remains vibrant and playful enough to appeal to a young child.”
– Ben Watson, Director, Wordwall


The latest Wordpad has been a big success with thousands of students using the system across the UK and Wordwall being able to expand their technical team as a result.